Awaken to spring March 31 2020

The light has changed to brighter mornings and slower days that enter the moon lighted nights in colorful sunsets.  April comes with rainy afternoons and endless crickets’ chirping.  We open the windows and let the soft breeze carry in the singing birds into our living room and into our soul.   Lila Organics got inspired by the spring nights and created the perfect piece for this time.

Chandra, “moon” in Sanskrit. 

One breath March 31 2020

Take a deep inhale, exhale, and let the pause of this one breath remind you that you have arrived home..

Yoga of the soles February 07 2013

Instances of peculiar intelligence in the demeanor of a noble and high-spirited horse are not to be supposed capable of exiting unreasonable attention...

-Edgard Allan Poe

Be the catalyst of joy December 20 2012

Lila Organics Funky monkey play.

Ian loves his Mojo shorts.

Here I captured Ian in a quick pic as we are going for a sunrise run in the woods that lead us to a crystal clear lake where we jumped in for a swim and rejoiced in the bright summer morning of Cape Cod.

For Ian, no matter what the weather brings it will be a ground for playing. Ukulele in hand jamming with his boys or outside connecting to the pulse of the earth.





Laughter mamas! September 02 2012





A reminder of the one thing we should never forget to list as a priority.  

After becoming a mother I was overwhelmed by a new list of worries pressures and responsibilities that almost made me forget the essence of the relationship with my son.   Im tried like never before and it feels endless. I think and focus on the details about every right doing or wrong doing I perform during the day with my child. I feel guilt if I am out of integrity and scream out with exhaustion to my partner. I do not allow myself to show weakness and to let a tear come out of our eyes. I am now one more super powerful mama!  But the truth is I have no idea of how to be a mother, do you?  I learn to hold it all in and I want it all out!  I rush with despair not to miss a minute of my only yoga class which becomes the sacred place to let go, relax and be real for a little. But my one real reviving moment is when I see my dearests friends and get a good belly laughter.  Here Dana and her son Nico, me, and my son Kai in Denver, CO, this last spring, caught in the least mindful moment.  YES to the mothers that we are now, and to laughter!



Here a poem from the TAO TE CHIN for parents:

_“Can you make room?”


If you fill every moment 

Of your children’s lives

They will have no room to be themselves.

If you push them constantly they will brake.

If you burden them with an abundance of material toys

Their hearts will contract in possessiveness.

If you always try to please them you will be their prisoner, not their parent. 


Don’t strive or strain.

Do your work, then rest.

Your children will learn serenity.


Book: “the parent’s TAO TE CHIN”


Horses, Horses, Horses May 22 2012

When a new piece is created at Lila Organics, spontaneous photos are common and dynamic, placing the value of such picture on the content of the moment.   
Here is "Panash" in his silent mind; makes me think of his unique capability to guide us unerringly to the intuitive, spiritual core within our own being.

A Tibetan poet, Jetsun Milarepa, wrote: "The horse which is my mind flies like the wind. He gallops on the plains of great bliss."