Yoga of the Soles February 07 2013

ran into my dear friend Debra yesterday on the street and walked two blocks together as we were both heading towards the yoga studio. What I hearted about the brief and rapid conversation we shared, was when she told me that she was going to take a yoga class, but instead she put her shoes on and walked to work. She said she needed to feel the walk. It was perfect. I thought about the rhythmic breathing that we can bring into our walk, and how it flows throughout our entire body and mind as the body breathes and the mind clears out; and how the way we connect to our walk depends on how our steps and breath synchronize. Just like onto our yoga mats, we awaken the physical and subtle layers of our body and, ultimately, radiate our light. All ways. 

Here inspired by Deb, I'm off on a walk to my favorite place, the stables; where I walked in the woods and practiced yoga while these two horses watched me, smelled me, and played next to me. I felt so grateful for the sun rays that warmed my face, but more importantly, for the true awakening of the heart and mind that we all are part of and how our collective wellbeing magnifies the positiveness of our actions.

Be the catalyst for the joy of others December 20 2012

Lila Organics sets the outdoor yoga fit for funky monkey play.

Truly my best play mate! 

Meet Ian in his Mojo shorts after a morning run in the woods that lead us to a crystal clear lake, where we jumped in and swam in the sharp brightness and rising heat of a summer morning. 

No matter what the weather, Ian will be playing. Either inside, perhaps playing the ukulele or a drum with his boys, or outside connecting the rhythmic pulse of the breath with the natural environment as the yoga mat and playground.  

Ian-always a catalyst of joy that spreads around quickly and effectively invites you in!


One breath December 19 2012

 Look up even for a deep inhale, and let the light and the wind remind you of your own pulsing breath. 

Laughter! September 02 2012

Catching up!

Here is a reminder of the one thing any body should never get off the “list” of priorities.  Laughter! 

After having a child, we women, get into a cycle of worries and pressures and responsibilities that almost makes us forget the essential truth of it all.

We are tried like never before and it feels endless. 

We think and think and think, focusing on the details about every rightness or wrongness we perform during our day. We feel guilt if we are out of integrity and scream out with exhaustion. We do not allow our selves to show weakness and or to even let a tear come out of our eyes. We are the super powerful mamas!

But in reality, we all know what it feels like to hold it all in. And we want it all out! We run with desperate breathing not to miss a minute of our yoga class, which sometimes feels like the only real place to let go a little and relax.

And yet, it is not enough if it’s not accompanied by a good group of people we connect with. 

Here Dana and her son Nico, me, and my son Kai. At an old friend’s party in Denver this last spring, caught in the least mindful reaction. We call it YES!

Here to the mamas that we are now. It is the best remedy for stress!

Laugh, laugh, laugh!


“Can you make room?”

If you fill every moment 

Of your children’s lives

They will have no room to be themselves.

If you push them constantly they will brake.

If you burden them with an abundance of material toys

Their hearts will contract in possessiveness.

If you always try to please them you will be their prisoner, not their parent. 

Don’t strive or strain.

Do your work, then rest.

Your children will learn serenity.

Book: “the parent’s TAO TE CHIN”

Sweet September August 27 2012

The light has changed and the mornings rest longer into the midst of the new nights as the fall suggests its return with rainy afternoons and endless crickets’ chirping.

As our body’s summer fire cools down, we open the windows and breathe in relief. As much as we love the summer for its nurturing and relaxing qualities, we also know that Washington DC’s everyday living can be aggravating.

The breeze is fresher and even a bit cold at 6am when I take my walk down the hill to teach my first morning Yoga class.  I wear my typical yoga outfits I have designed for Lila Organics this past few summers but had added the master piece to it. The piece every woman can wear as a dress with your favorite boots, or hoodie-shirt on top of your workout clothes or even your fall jeans. I called it Chandra, which refers to “moon” in Sanskrit.

And this year the moon sits closer and brighter than ever, and so does our feminine lunar light. Embrace it!


Horses, Horses, Horses May 22 2012

Within our daily routines either working or taking care of our loved ones, when a new piece has been created, spontaneous photo shoots are a common element in the dynamic flow of Lila Organics.

Our work synchronizes with our way of being, and our tasks more easily become enjoyable, and an opportunity to bring awareness to what we do, which reflects our intention. 

Today, at the stables in rock creek park, standing in front of me, "Panash" in his silent mind, makes me think of his unique capability to guide us unerringly to the intuitive, spiritual core within our own minds.

A Tibetan poet, Jetsun Milarepa, wrote: "The horse which is my mind flies like the wind. He gallops on the plains of great bliss."