Laughter! September 02 2012

Catching up!

Here is a reminder of the one thing any body should never get off the “list” of priorities.  Laughter! 

After having a child, we women, get into a cycle of worries and pressures and responsibilities that almost makes us forget the essential truth of it all.

We are tried like never before and it feels endless. 

We think and think and think, focusing on the details about every rightness or wrongness we perform during our day. We feel guilt if we are out of integrity and scream out with exhaustion. We do not allow our selves to show weakness and or to even let a tear come out of our eyes. We are the super powerful mamas!

But in reality, we all know what it feels like to hold it all in. And we want it all out! We run with desperate breathing not to miss a minute of our yoga class, which sometimes feels like the only real place to let go a little and relax.

And yet, it is not enough if it’s not accompanied by a good group of people we connect with. 

Here Dana and her son Nico, me, and my son Kai. At an old friend’s party in Denver this last spring, caught in the least mindful reaction. We call it YES!

Here to the mamas that we are now. It is the best remedy for stress!

Laugh, laugh, laugh!


“Can you make room?”

If you fill every moment 

Of your children’s lives

They will have no room to be themselves.

If you push them constantly they will brake.

If you burden them with an abundance of material toys

Their hearts will contract in possessiveness.

If you always try to please them you will be their prisoner, not their parent. 

Don’t strive or strain.

Do your work, then rest.

Your children will learn serenity.

Book: “the parent’s TAO TE CHIN”