Yoga of the Soles February 07 2013

ran into my dear friend Debra yesterday on the street and walked two blocks together as we were both heading towards the yoga studio. What I hearted about the brief and rapid conversation we shared, was when she told me that she was going to take a yoga class, but instead she put her shoes on and walked to work. She said she needed to feel the walk. It was perfect. I thought about the rhythmic breathing that we can bring into our walk, and how it flows throughout our entire body and mind as the body breathes and the mind clears out; and how the way we connect to our walk depends on how our steps and breath synchronize. Just like onto our yoga mats, we awaken the physical and subtle layers of our body and, ultimately, radiate our light. All ways. 

Here inspired by Deb, I'm off on a walk to my favorite place, the stables; where I walked in the woods and practiced yoga while these two horses watched me, smelled me, and played next to me. I felt so grateful for the sun rays that warmed my face, but more importantly, for the true awakening of the heart and mind that we all are part of and how our collective wellbeing magnifies the positiveness of our actions.