One breath December 19 2012

 Look up even for a deep inhale, and let the light and the wind remind you of your own pulsing breath. 

Sweet September August 27 2012

The light has changed and the mornings rest longer into the midst of the new nights as the fall suggests its return with rainy afternoons and endless crickets’ chirping.

As our body’s summer fire cools down, we open the windows and breathe in relief. As much as we love the summer for its nurturing and relaxing qualities, we also know that Washington DC’s everyday living can be aggravating.

The breeze is fresher and even a bit cold at 6am when I take my walk down the hill to teach my first morning Yoga class.  I wear my typical yoga outfits I have designed for Lila Organics this past few summers but had added the master piece to it. The piece every woman can wear as a dress with your favorite boots, or hoodie-shirt on top of your workout clothes or even your fall jeans. I called it Chandra, which refers to “moon” in Sanskrit.

And this year the moon sits closer and brighter than ever, and so does our feminine lunar light. Embrace it!